Sunday, March 27, 2011

awesome breakfast~


Hello peeps! Just want a share new moment with my beloved housemates. Ouch! So sorry before this I’m never introduce to all of you my lovely housemates. Later on okay? Asyik later on jerp kan then lupe!fateyn memang camtuh T__T …

Okay enough mengarut meraban. This story *cam pelik plak bunyi.. its started when jaa asked four of us having our breakfast at McD because she got a coupon breakfast from her sis. Without thinking too much all of us went there. *da lapar sangat kowt + senang hati dapat jawab test bi.. hahaha.. bella the only one who can't join us because she still have an interview. i buy myself sausage macmuffin so that I can use the coupon and get two free big breakfast. I don’t want to tell much.. just enjoy a few pictures of us..


they gorgeous~

they comot~*so sorry both of you

this one the over one. nak order sempat lagi snap. LOL

p/s : bella i'm not trying to make u jelous okay~ heee.. :P


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